As Founder of Sensaround, Kath is a proud Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs' Start-Up Programme, and member of Social Enterprise UK.

Sensaround is passionate about finding ways for people to enhance their well-being through their senses.

We aim to do this by:

  • Offering quality assessment, education and advice.
  • Providing affordable, tailored, sensory solutions for individuals, groups, and services.
  • Promoting awareness of the connection between sensory needs and mental health.
  • Working with statutory services to provide cost-effective ways to enhance their offer in holistic and innovative ways.
  • Striving to develop the evidence base and further research in the field of sensory modulation.
  • Finding new ways to reach groups of people who are disadvantaged, or who have complex needs and struggle to engage with statutory services.

Sensaround follows a Social Enterprise model, which means that the profits are reinvested into the business, and the local community that it serves. We think that this model is the best way to build a sustainable business, whilst reaching the people that most need our services.