Photo by on UnsplashThe origin of Sensaround was a desire to reach people who have complex needs, or who struggle to engage with statutory services. We are keen to partner with any grass-roots Third Sector organisations to develop ways in which a sensory approach can be used for the benefit of your clients.

We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you are working with people who have:

  • anxiety and/or depression; a history of trauma, including domestic violence; complex PTSD or emotionally unstable personality disorder; addiction; fibromyalgia

A key element of all group sessions will be to create a safe environment in which clients are able to learn and reflect.

Examples of group sessions include:

  • Stress management using a sensory approach
  • Make your own self-soothe kit
  • Sensory baking / cooking / tasting
  • Craft sessions

Please get in touch to discuss how Sensaround can help your clients. 

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